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Says Who!? – Canada’s Top Digital Company

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For many of us the first ten or fifteen minutes of our day is often spent sifting though our emails and going over our daily goals. Whether it’s trashing those cleverly, or perhaps not so cleverly crafted spam emails, delegating tasks for your team or just setting up a to-do list, its not every morning you open our inbox to find jaw dropping news. For our Enflick Team however, this morning was one of those mornings…

The smell of a freshly brewed coffee, a “good morning” full-body stretch and few swift mouse clicks led our eyes to hover over an email simply titled “Canada’s Top Digital Companies”. At first glance it was a seemingly simple message, but what he found inside sent waves of excitement throughout the entire office.

Today nextMEDIA, in association with Deloitte, announced Enflick, along side four other humbling Canadian nominees, to a candidate for the 2011 Digi Awards under the Top Canadian Digital Company category.

New this year, the Digi Awards will honor all five of Canada’s Top Digital Companies including Kobo, Hootsuite, Vision Critical, and Acuisio in this grand prize category. The awards ceremony will be held December the 6th at the 2011 Gala. You can learn more about both the Digi Awards and the Digital Company category check out the Digi Award FAQ.

Beyond the honour of receiving such a prestigious award, Enflick will also be featured in THE LIST, Canada’s directory of the best and brightest projects, people, and companies in Canadas digital media landscape showcased to the entire world.  To check out THE LIST and find Enlfick’s listing, check out: www.thedigiawards.com/showcase.php.






According the the Digi Awards site, a place on The List means serious exposure, both here in Canada and around the world. The digital space is nothing if not noisy, and businesses in Canada and across the globe will turn to The List online, in trade supplements and in live presentations around the world to help them find the companies and projects that are truly making waves.

We’re all extremely excited to be moving up so quickly in our industry and at the same time humbled by the honours and awards we’ve received in the last few months celebrating our successes.

To keep up to date with Enflick, make sure to follow us on twitter (@Enflick) where we’re constantly sharing company news, product updates, mobile developments and fun stuff!

For More Exciting Press Check Out Our Press Page

~ @gjrevans


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November 4th, 2011 at 7:56 pm

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Time for “More-Mo, More-Fun” at Enflick

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If you’re unfamiliar with terms like “mo-bro”, “mo-show” and even “more-mo” then likely, you are equally unfamiliar with Movember. Fear not, for it’s seem the season of Movember is one again upon us and you will soon be noticing a few more men in your lives sporting mustaches.

If you haven’t clued into the beautifully crafted pun yet, Movemeber gives men and women all over the world the opportunity raise both awareness and funds for causes ranging from prostate cancer to depression by simply growing a moustache for the month of November. Though an abstract concept, Movember has seen an incredible response since its conception in 1999 by a group of Australian men from Adelaide and has since help rais millions of dollars for medical research.

Seeing such excellent success, in 2004, the Movember Foundation Charity was established and began the promotion of Movemeber branded events throughout Australia and New Zealand. In 2007, the festivities were expanded and events were launched in Ireland, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, and the United States.

The rules for participants, as given on the official movember website, are as follows:

1. Once registered, each bro must begin the 1st Movember with a clean shaven face.
2. For the entire month of Movember each bro must grow and groom a moustache.
3. There is to be no joining of the mo to the sideburns (that is considered a beard).
4. There is to be no joining of the handlebars to your chin (that is considered a goatee).
5. Each bro must conduct himself like a true country gentleman.

The FAQ on the website clarifies that shaving a beard to provide a ready-made moustache is cheating and not in the spirit of movember. A small growth of hair under the bottom lip (aka a tickler) however, is permitted as long as it is not connected to any other region.

Continuing the promotion of the Movember spirt, our Enflick team has entered the Movember runnings and we are all extremely excited to see the final results; even Rebecca, our HR manager, has joined the ranks. For your enjoyment we begin the month with our presentation of  ”The Baby Face” (clean shaven).









Do your part to raise awareness this month and grow a moustache – Check out Movember online for more information or click here to support the Enflick Team.

~ @gjrevans

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November 3rd, 2011 at 8:36 pm

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Enflick Gets a Little Spooky!

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On Monday ‘Enflick Connect’ held its First Annual Halloween Haunt – A costume party and lunch get together for our awesome Enflick Team!

This year Bec got her very own Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Tayfun danced around the office with some happy feet, Mark dazzled us with his custom pocket protector, Ian solved a mystery or two and Tristan got his Hawaiian Luau on! Costume wearers not only gained adoring fans around the office, but were also rewarded with a $25.00 gift certificate to the location of their choosing! As usual, our Kokken Halloween inspired lunch was delicious and our spooky ghost cookies from Norris Bakery were phenomenal or perhaps I should say paranormal!

Thank you to everyone that came out, the first annual Enflick Halloween Haunt was a great success and we’re already looking forward to next year!

~ @gjrevans

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November 1st, 2011 at 7:21 pm

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A Week of Firsts and It’s Only Wednesday

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What an exciting week it’s been for Enflick! Today we are proud to announce that we have now secured more than $1 million in seed funding and have been named one of the ‘Companies to Watch’ in the 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards.

The funding, publicly announced today, will be used to extend our company’s innovation strategies, focusing on developing and delivering solutions that further enhance and transform interpersonal connectivity. Freestyle Capital led the round with participation by the Menlo Talent Fund, Menlo Ventures’ Seed Program. Contributors also included independent investors and talent managers Troy Carter, the widely recognized manager for multi-platinum Grammy award winner Lady Gaga; and Scooter Braun, manager for teenage singing phenomenon Justin Bieber.

In addition to the exciting news of our funding round, we are pleased to announce that we are one of this year’s recipients of the coveted Companies-to-Watch Award, one of the four separate award categories that make up the 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ Awards.

Last night we shared, mingled and celebrated our success and achievements with the leaders of some Canada’s most successful companies. This is our first award and one we are both proud of and humbled by. It was a night we will never forget!

In our office today stands a polished new award that reminds us all of our tremendous success thus far and encourages us to reach new heights as we continue to push the limits of technology.

We’d like to thank our investors, Deloitte and the strong support of our community for making our newly announced achievements possible.

~ @gjrevans, @becjgraham


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October 19th, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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Enflick Connect Kickoff – “Wednesday Social” Oct. 5 2011

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Enflick Connect is an internal social crew made up of our very own office members. The crew meets weekly to enjoy fun and exciting activities that provide our office members with the opportunity to connect with one another. Everyone at Enflick is welcome and encouraged to become a part of the crew!

Today we enjoyed some great conversations, a few laughs, some awesome tacos and a few games of Wii Tennis and Bowling. I think we’re all looking forward to next week’s Pub Grub night!

Click through the slide show below to see some of today’s highlights.


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October 5th, 2011 at 9:18 pm

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Custom iPhone Docks – By Enflick

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We’re resourceful here at Enflick. So resourceful in fact, that today when we needed an iPhone dock, we made one.

Introducing The Universal Paper Cup Mobile Phone Dock - Enflick Inc.

Not only are they made with recycled materials, but they’re built to the exact specification of each end-user.

Materials Needed:

  • Masters Educated UI/UX design team
  • Paper Dixie Cup
  • Scissors
  • 5 Minutes

Front View

Side View

Rear View



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September 14th, 2011 at 4:30 pm

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TextNow Tip – Remove Advertisements For Free

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Remove Ads for FREE!

Did you know that you can remove your advertisements for free!?

Yup it’s true, simply choose from the awesome, free application titles we off in our TextNow Store to acquire credits:

Earn More Credits

Once you’ve acquired at least 10 credits you can then select “Remove Advertisements” from the available enhancements menu.

Remove Ads

From there you can select your desired ad-free period:

Ad-Free Period

Volia, Sprinkle with some salt and you’re Ad-Free!!!

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September 8th, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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Get Support Now

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Join our growing community HelpDesk support site. There you’ll find simple solutions to most of the common issues faced by our users. If you are unable to find an answer to your question or problem, you can also submit a ticket for additional personalized support.

Simply click here or follow the link below to access our helpdesk 24/7.


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September 6th, 2011 at 7:52 pm

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TextNow Tip: Manage your contacts

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Ever wonder where your contacts are stored on TextNow? You swear you remember saving them, but now they have a new number and you don’t know where to find them?

When you save a contact using TextNow, they get added to your Contacts app. Apple provides a Contacts app on your iOS device which can be found on your main screen.











Click on the icon and inside will be all of your saved contacts.

If you wish to modify a contact, just click on their name and then click “Edit”.











This is where you can add pictures to your contacts, change their name, add an e-mail, or even delete a contact from your address book.


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August 9th, 2011 at 5:58 pm

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Our developers are pretty cool

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One of our very own developers, Stephen, has just released his own iPhone game called “GunDown”.

As of Aug 1st his game went live after a year and a half of work in his spare time. We’re really proud of him!

Stephen is a returning co-op student currently working on our server development team.  Previously, he  has worked as a lead developer on our in-house iPhone game Robot Story (available on the iTunes AppStore).  Stephen is currently in his 4th year at the University of Waterloo studying computer science.

We just wanted to give Stephen a big high-five over the internet for creating such an awesome game. We encourage some of our fans to give it a try!

If you want to check it out, click here or check out his website!


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August 5th, 2011 at 6:30 pm

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